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Main menu

Add multiple credit cards

Set the default card

Add Promo/Referral codes

Send us an email

Displays Profile information

Send us an email

Edit your profile

Past/Future bookings

Setting the pickup address

Tap for the next screen

Tap to change pickup address

Available vehicles

One of:

Pin on map (Pin placed for location)

My location (GPS location)

Location Name

Location Address

Pinch to zoom

Tap to recenter to your GPS location

Tap and hold to move map

Current pin location

Tap for main menu

Select a service

Scroll for more services

Choosing a service

Tap for the previous screen

Tap for fare information

Confirming the booking

Tap for the previous screen

Tap to add a dropoff location

Tap to add a note

For airport pickups add the flight number

For Chauffeur service add the number of hours required

Tap to set pickup date and time

up to 1 month ahead

Not available for ASAP rides

Tap to change card or payment method

Tap to change service

Final booking confirmation

Swaps between estimated fare

and estimated pickup wait

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