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Will I get a Tesla?

Yes you will.

It will be a red Tesla Model X.

Where is my receipt?

Probably in your junk/spam folder if it is not in your InBox.

We can resend receipts if you tell us the date/time/value of your trip.

Will my ride definitely be performed?

Once we have confirmed your booking it will be performed, except for circumstances beyond our control.

The driver will attempt to arrive 5-10 minutes before the pickup time. You do not need to start your ride until the scheduled pickup time, but you may do so if you want.

If you are not at the pickup 5 minutes after the driver arrived, do not answer the call from the driver, and have not asked the driver to wait, then the ride may be cancelled.

What if my ride took longer than expected?

If you believe the ride took much longer than it should have, then email us and we will look into it.

We will compare the ride to the normally expected time using Google Maps, and refund you if there is a significant difference.

Can I have photos taken with the car?

The driver will be happy to take photos of you in the car. Let the driver know before they end the trip. You can sit in the driver's seat and have the Falcon Wing doors extended to make it a memorable photo.

Can I play music from my phone?

You are welcome to play your own music through the car stereo system using bluetooth.

The vehicle also has streaming Spotify.

We provide charging cables for microUSB, USB C and iPhone.

We provide free Wifi on request.

May I consume drinks and food?

Ask for the driver's permission when you enter the vehicle.

Be careful not to make a mess.

When exiting the vehicle, let the driver know if you have any rubbish you want taken care of, or if there is any mess to be cleaned up.

Do you have child seats?

A single child/booster seat suitable for ages 1-11 years is available upon request at the time of booking.

You are welcome to fit your own child seat as well, using either the seat belt or ISOFIX attachments.

What if I have a complaint?

Contact OHPEC at

You are also able to complain directly to NZTA.

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