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The pickup time should be when you expect to be ready for your ride, not the scheduled arrival time of your flight.

For early/late flights we will adjust the pickup time by the same amount as the flight arrival has changed, at no cost.

Tell us the Flight Number in the booking so we can account for early/late flights.

You will be met inside the terminal by the driver with a phone having your name written against a red background as per the image below.

International Terminal

When you exit into the arrivals area look left and you will see McDonald's.

Walk past the people at the arrivals area and head to McDonald's to find your driver .

Domestic Terminal

There are 3 arrival areas.

These are split between JetStar, main trunk arrivals and regional arrivals.

The driver will meet you in the arrival area corresponding to your flight.

Fixed Price Maps
CBD Fixed Price Zone
Airport Fixed Price Zone
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