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We are currently not looking for new drivers.

Please read the Requirements section before applying via email.

Do not phone to ask questions.


P Endorsement.

Good conversational English.

A demonstrable record of above average service with a taxi or private hire company, Uber or Zoomy.

Your Uber/Zoomy rating must be 4.8 or above.

Ability to work at least a 5 hour shift, and available to work two or more shifts per week.

A commitment to understand, learn and follow our policies and procedures.


You will be a part or full time employee paid 'The Living Wage' plus a 10% commission on each ride.

We provide a Kiwisaver contribution of 3%. 

OHPEC owns all vehicles and pays all vehicle expenses.


Send an email to

Include screenshots of your ratings and ride comments.

We may not reply to your email immediately, but we will reply, as long as you meet the requirements.

If your application is accepted then you will receive an email to register for our Deputy account.

Once you have registered, read the Deputy News Feed and follow the instructions, carefully.

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