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OHPEC Tesla Model Xs

OHPEC has given up on its plans to offer a comprehensive 100% electric passenger service due to Tesla forbidding any new vehicles from paid Supercharging in November 2017. The ability to Supercharge was vital for OHPEC to operate according to its business plan.

OHPEC is still doing prebookings using one remaining premium Tesla Model X.

Pricing is $30, plus $1.20 per km, plus $1 per minute (including GST).

International Airport pickups have a $20 surcharge added.

A $1 per minute waiting time charge may be applied.

Rides between the CBD and Airport are a fixed $90 (including GST) except for International Airport pickups which are $110 (including GST).

We can carry a maximum of 4 passengers due to NZTA regulations.

The OHPEC app and website bookings are no longer available.

Email or text +64 21 2022 077 for bookings.

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